Sunday, March 14, 2010

So it has been a while but things have been so busy! Last week on March 8th we got to hear the heart beat on the doppler. It was such a gigantic relief. I've consumed myself with pregnancy online blog boards and although it has been a great source of support and information it has also been totally terrifying as many women have lost their pregnancies. Every time I read another sad story of women who lost their babies I just become so paranoid and terrified which is so unlike me. With Evelyn I never worried about losing her or anything remotely close to it but I also wasn't involved in pregnancy chats or anything like them so I wasn't subjected to the information and sad stories of other moms. So to give me a bit of a piece of mind I'm ordering a doppler of amazon. I did some research and it seems to be the best for the value. Only $40 and it also gives a read-out of the heart rate so I can track it and such like I did with Evelyn. I think it is truly remarkable how everything has come about. Josh is getting more excited and Evelyn is in love with her "Beebee" If I lay on the floor she'll pat my belly and give it kisses. Totally precious. Her new favorite thing is trying to put mommy's slippers on so that will totally come in handy when I can't reach my feet anymore lol. So far so good though, morning sickness has almost completely passed thankfully, and I'm starting to get more of my energy back that I have been missing. If we could only get rid of the rain and get a few more nice spring days back I will have so much more energy :)