Friday, May 7, 2010

So much has been going on that I haven't had the time to really sit and write. I went to the doctors for what I figured was a sinus infection from the horrid headaches I had been getting figuring a quick in and out I grabbed Dad's truck and left him to watch Evie. After waiting there half an hour they decide to send me over to the hospital for further testing. Freaking out we get in IVd up, meds administered (antibiotics and sumthin) to find out I had a huge vascular infection with migraines. Figures. I had migraines with Evie but this was totally worse because of the vascular inflammation and pressure. They gave me some meds, foiricet again, and let me go home. The last week has been amazing. I guess you really don't realize how miserable you really were until you feel better, and having such a 'quick fix' really made the change stand out!

We are having another baby girl (not sure if I mentioned that before) and are so excited. I know Josh was hoping for a boy but in some way I think he's really happy having another girl, he loves having the daddy's lil girls :) Evie has her little quirks with him that they share just between themselves. She gives him high 5's all the time but she wont do it for anyone else.. at all. (Trust me we've tried lol) Plus we already have all of the little girl things so I think it will be a lot easier. Since we're not having another baby shower I've been crazy shopping when I see a deal. We got a new baby bathtub set, a new bassinet, and trying to find clothes here and there. The baby is due October 3rd but we'll see if I actually last that long. So it wont be the middle of winter and need warm warm warm clothes but everything is still so spring/summer so we'll have to wait a while for clothes shopping. I didn't realize how much of evie's newborn stuff we got rid of. :/ We're also shopping carefully for a double stroller. The biggest problem is that our car barely fits the baby trend sport single stroller. Any regular size graco etc. stroller wont fit because it's too big, so we're really put in a bind. I love the "sit and stand" strollers but I just KNOW evie wont be old enough to sit still in it. We're shopping for a new car but our is just so reliable being a complete rebuild I totally fear getting a new one and having to put so much into repairing it etc. etc. I'm not about taking chances now lol.

My midwives officially took me off of school. They think it's just too much and it's why I'm getting sick all the time. I really need to listen to my body etc. So I joined a prenatal yoga group for some 'me time' and I totally love it. So much fun and I've already learned a lot!

Lastly, we booked our first vacation as a family of 3, and probably our last vacation as a family of 3 lol. We leave may 17th for Cape cod :) We're staying at the cape codder resort in hyannis . Awesome spa packages, and restaurant deals etc. not to mention a huge indoor water park! We're going to spend Tuesday on Martha's vineyard and while Josh goes deep sea fishing Evie and I will tour the gingerbread cottages, go to the beach, and shopping :) We're going to visit the old whaling station and aquarium on Oak Bluffs, and probably a bunch of other stuff I haven't figured out yet lol. I have a full spa service on Wednesday for some mommy R&R and then some sight seeing on the way home, probably hit up the zoo too! I am so excited!!!!