Friday, February 12, 2010

Down but not completely out...

I'm finally home from the Hospital. I was throwing so bad yesterday that I couldn't even keep down water, and when my blood sugars started dropping I knew I was getting too dehydrated. I also started spotting. So they sent me to the ER.

After waiting almost 2 hrs they finally sent me up to Maternity. It took the stupid nurse 3 tries to get my IV in before she finally called another nurse in who got it on the first shot. Unfortunately they didn't set the IV up to do my blood work so I had 2 other pokes for blood work. We were admitted and started on IV fluids.

They gave me some anti-nausea medication so I could finally keep down some soup. After 3 bags of IV fluid they drew my blood work which came back with elevated white blood cells. Apparently there's a horrid stomach bug going around so the DR thinks that I got the bad bug and accompanied with morning sickness it just made it all worse.

As for the spotting they think it could be either the RH- I had with Evie so they gave me a Rhogam shot, or it was simply from all the excessive strain of throwing so much.

They gave me an ultrasound and the baby looks great. I am estimated at 6wks 5 days today Smile Giving me a due date of October 3rd!! They warned me that all the dates can fluctuate a bit because each technician can get different measurements but Oct. 3 was the best they could come up with according to the information they had.

They still want me to keep my appointment with Dr. Kaufman on Tuesday so he can check more thoroughly. For now it's so far so good. They gave me 50mg of B6 to take daily and if that doesn't work they can prescribe something, i just really don't want to take Rx drugs if I don't really have to. So far today I've had some more chicken soup and as long as I eat sloooowly it's tolerable. Smile

DH made reservations at our favorite fancy restaurant on Sunday for Valentines Day so I'm really hoping that I can actually eat!!!

On another sad note it looks like I wont be able to deliver at the Birth Cottage after all. Since I have a history of Diabetes they consider my pregnancy High Risk so they Birth Cottage's insurance and licensure wont accept me as a patient.

I was not very impressed with the OBGYN team I had with Evelyn. The nurse who tended to me last night was the same nurse who delivered her, when I asked her what my due date was, she replied "Oct 3rd, but don't get too hung up on that date because you wont see it anyway," I was like, "um, excuse me?" and she explained "oh we'll induce you well before then." WHOA??? Why??!!! I'm only 6wks 4days why would you say I'm already going to be induced. That's crap. Even the perinatologist thinks I was unnecessarily induced with Evie, the HELL if I'm going through that again.

So we decided to go to the OBGYN at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Nashua NH where my Perinatologist Dr. Kaufman is from. This way he can monitor me and at his facility what he says goes! The plus side is that their midwifery center will accept me with consults so at least I get part of what I want. I'll be delivering at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center so I'm going Tuesday for our ultrasound, prenatal appointment, and a tour of the Birth Center. It should be a lot of fun.

I'm really excited to finally have a due date and know how far along I am. And especially seeing the little bean makes everything more real. Josh was so adorable, he spotted the heart beat before the technician even did. He was so proud of himself saying "well I know what to look for this time!" with his smug little big man grin. It was adorable.

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  1. Oh we had that bug. NOT FUN! Luckily Joseph didn't get it. But it is what helped to stop the BFing, I was just too dehydrated.