Friday, February 5, 2010

Beverly's a Bust

Tuesday we went to the Beverly Birth Center for orientation. I was born there and my sister would have been delivered there if she didn't decide to come out in 20 minutes in my mom's living room (yes fear #1).

Unfortunately it didn't look like much has changed since 1985. My mom even recognized a lot of the furniture and art work haha. I guess a few months ago they lost their funding and were threatened with closure so Beverly Hospital took over and everything has gone so "medical tech." it's like delivering in a 'homey hospital room'. Not exactly what I was looking for. Also there are SEVEN midwives to get to know. And to top it off their appointments are only 20 minutes long. They preach all about midwifery being a 'family event' where they 'teach you and your family about your body and the developing baby' how much can you really accomplish in 20 mintues?! The other concern is that it's over an hour away from us annnnd off of a major highway known for traffic. I'm also not too happy with the idea of having to learn a whole new hospital also.

So we have decided to go with the Milford Birth Cottage. I am very excited now. We also learned that they work in conjunction with the Hospital and obstetric team that I had with Evelyn so I am already very familiar with everyone! There are only 2 midwives, they have hour long appointments and the best part is that they not only allow but encourage your kids to come with you to appointments. I can't tell you how many offices have a 'no children' policy.

I am so relieved. It honestly feels like things are starting to come together and become more real! Now it's just he endless countdown till our first ultrasound. 11 more days!!!!

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