Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Greatest Grammy!

Today Mom, Dad, Evelyn and I took my Grammy to lunch for her 78th birthday. It was so fun. We went back to the Danvers Port Yacht Club where I got married and had lunch in their amazing dining room! It was such an incredible trip down memory lane. I always love seeing the harbor all iced over and the ships in the condom shrink wrap :) tehehe.

Finally I got to share our surprise with someone outside of the internet and boy was she excited!! It was really a breath of fresh air to get such a warm welcoming reaction from someone in person. I didn't get a lot of that with Evelyn so it is really refreshing to have people genuinely happy for us! It's funny how something as simple as just saying "congratulations" could make me so excited!

It has still not truly hit me yet. I don't think it will until our ultrasound on Feb. 16th. I'll have moments of elation where I look at my tummy and get all gitty "there's another baby in there!" :) I've started knitting again, working on a bunting now. It feels really good to be productive again. I just finished painting some wooden letters for Evelyn's room and started on her cross stitch picture. I really enjoy having something productive to do when Evie's sleeping.

On a good note they removed me from all insulin. They diagnosed me as "having a period of hyperglycemia" and not diabetic!! This means I would be able to deliver at a birth center and not a hospital! The concern is that since I was on insulin before I could develop "gestational diabetes" so we'll see. I'm kind of disappointed because after I left 2 messages (one with a machine and one with a receptionist) explaining that I am no longer insulin dependent they still have not returned my calls. I think they still do not want to take me on, which sucks because I really like the Birth Cottage. I am hoping that this changes after my consult/ultrasound on Feb 16th.

We have a tour scheduled with the Beverly Birth Center Tuesday night. It's the center that I was born at and I thought if anything it would be fun for my mom to take a trip down memory lane with me. It's a good hour drive so I'm not so sure how comfortable I feel having all my care done so far away, but we'll see.

I just kind of feel like I'm in a rut right now. I'm waiting for my doctor to write a formal letter stating that I am no longer insulin dependent and hopefully that combined with the ultra/consult with Dr. Kauffman (my favorite doc of all time) then we'll have made some progress and I can start my prenatal appointments!!

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  1. You should come down early and come visit me!!! I delivered at Beverly Hospital; Which is across the driveway from the Birth Center. I am like 10 minutes from there! So if you did come down here for your care you could come visit me every time as well :) lol Also, I have a friend who is delivering there in May.